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You are in a retired area of the Silverweaver site. Please come to the new site to see my recent work.
Welcome to Silverweaver. My name is Spider and I make all of the jewelry that you will see in this site. I make this jewelry because I love it. The drape and weight of woven silver and gold is very satisfying to me. Come in, look around, and share my passion for lovingly made jewelry.
Although everything you see is for sale, you will find no shopping cart system here. I prefer to interact personally with each person who buys my jewelry. Everyone has different preferences and it is only by talking to you that I can be sure I'm making exactly what you want. So if you see something that you like or if you have an idea for a custom piece, please send me email.
I use two techniques in my jewelry making: chainmail, which we all recognize from medieval armor; and loop-in-loop which has been used in fine jewelry for thousands of years.