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 use fine silver wire for my loop-in-loop jewelry. Fine silver is .999 pure as opposed to sterling silver which is roughly .925 pure. The other metals in sterling silver (mostly copper) make it stiffer, but also make it unsuitable for loop-in-loop work. I need wire that will fuse to itself when heated. Fine silver is an ideal candidate because it does not oxidize under flame and it fuses very cleanly. (Another benefit to using fine silver is that it tarnishes very slowly, unlike sterling silver.) There is also a particular alloy of 22K gold that works well, but most of my jewelry is made from fine silver.

elow are some pictures of making a loop-in-loop chain. Click on the pictures for an explaination and a closer picture of that step.

Step 1: Wrapping

Step 2: Cutting

Step 3: Fusing

Step 4: Shaping

Step 5: Weaving

Step 6: Drawing