Materials and Techniques
The four metals that I use in my chains are sterling silver, niobium, karat gold, and gold fill. With very few exceptions, all my pieces made purely of sterling silver and karat gold are soldered, while pieces containing niobium and gold fill are not soldered.

Sterling Silver
An alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, sterling silver is stiffer and more durable than pure silver, making it ideal for chain techniques. Classic and elegant, I love this material. Most of my designs are made in sterling silver, though other metals are available by request.

The colorful rings that I use are made from a precious metal called niobium. It's a rare metal with the wonderful property of changing color when exposed to heat or electricity. I use no dyes to produce these iridescent hues, just some salt water and an electric power source. I find that the colors bring out my playful side, and many of my niobium pieces are a bit whimsical. Those with metal senstivities will be happy to hear that niobium is hypoallergenic.

Karat Gold
Most of my fully soldered designs are available in various colors of 14K and 18K gold. At present I do not combine niobium with karat gold since I'm not able to solder the niobium rings closed.

Gold Fill
When you want the look of gold without the expense, gold fill is your best option. A thick layer (1/20 the total thickness of the wire) of 14K gold jackets a base metal core. This is NOT gold plating. Gold plating is flimsy, unreliable, and wears away with time. Gold fill will last for decades. (Did I mention that I'm fussy about my materials?)

Pricing and Sales
All the pieces shown on this site ARE for sale. I usually think and design in sterling silver, but if you see a piece that you'd like in gold, niobium, or a combination of metals just ask.

I'm making some attempt to post prices for the pieces displayed on this site, but I'm fairly busy with the teaching portion of my business, so I doubt I'll ever manage to catch up on all the prices. If you're interested, just ask me!