October 14, 2008
I posted some prices, as well as a bit of information on the materials that I use.
October 9, 2008
Three new pieces: NK035, BR031, and BR021.
Also some new pictures for previous work: BR010, BR005, ER004, NK038,
July 11, 2008
Three new pieces: ER011, NK039, and a little whimsey sculptural piece - MS002.
May 24, 2008
And a couple more pictures updates: NK023 and NK031.
May 22, 2008
Additional pictures: NK013, NK028, NK002, NK009, NK025, and NK023.
May 20, 2008
Two newly posted pieces: NK038, and BR018
Plus modeled shots for: BR011, and NK015
May 1, 2008
I've been busy with other projects and haven't had much time to update - so here are 14 new pieces all at once, plus a couple of additional photos for existing pieces. Newly added pieces will always show up first on the complete list.
March 27, 2008
I added BR030 to the site, and I have a long list of other pieces to add, just as soon as I find the time to photograph them and edit the pictures.
December 2, 2007
Five new pieces: BR012, NK025, BR005, BR015, and ER010.
Modeled shots added for BR010 and NK002.
November 30, 2007
Modeled pictures added for NK007, NK008, and NK013.
Photo credit: Norm Murray.
July 9, 2007
The new site is here! New pieces (plus some old favorites) and a new look. If you want to find the old content I'll leave it posted, but I won't be maintaining that area any more.